Friday, July 15, 2005

Second Girl

* {lana}Victor perks and looks to Mistress
<{lana}Victor> for me, Mistress?
* neko{KRB}-trng falles silent
could you tell neko what the duties are of the second girl...the responsibilites and consequences of actions
<{lana}Victor> yes, Mistress, gladly
<{lana}Victor> neko... sg, just like fg is very serious, you are to set an example at all times, in everything you say and do
* neko{KRB}-trng listens
<{lana}Victor> have you been given switching rights?
yes lana she has
* {lana}Victor nods softly
* neko{KRB}-trng takes a deep breath, nibbling her bottom lip
<{lana}Victor> you are an example of your Master, completely, if you are lazy, it shows, if you disobey you will be treated the most harshly, you are to set an example
nibbles a full bottom lip
<{lana}Victor> especially with me not being around, your sg title is almost the same as fg, because in my absence you take over the lead slave roles
yes lana
<{lana}Victor> i honestly do not know of your capabilities, all i know is you havent been around much lately, but now that Master has cheered up a bit, it is time to realize you arent just another slut on His chain
<{lana}Victor> i am far from the all knowing slut, but having been around him and in is collar for over 5 years, i have learned what He expects
<{lana}Victor> He hates robots
<{lana}Victor> He wants a girl He can ignore all day, and know when she kennels His home has been tended to
* neko{KRB}-trng scratches her head thinking she has not been a robot
is that a hint lana
<{lana}Victor> no neko, i just know He despises them even more than an insolent

The fluidity of words

<{lana}Victor> Master says to work with the girls on description and fluidity
<{lana}Victor> Master has shown me some of your serves and dances, and the heart is there, he does not complain of such, but the fluidity is not
<{lana}Victor> one thing that i noticed mostly was the over consuming use of "her"
<{lana}Victor> her head, her hair, her feet, her face, her eyes
<{lana}Victor> there are so many ways to substitute other things in place of "her"
<{lana}Victor> ok neko, i'm gonna pick on you
<{lana}Victor> * neko{KRB} slips to her feet, brushing raven curls from her face, tiny feet carry her silently towards Mistress Carita dipping to kissed thighs before her, amber eyes veiled by cresent moons lowers to rest at her slippered feet a sultry voice lifting
<{lana}Victor> her = 5 times
<{lana}Victor> there are different things to substitute in place of "her"
* neko{KRB}-trng lifts her lips into a smile looking to lana listening
<{lana}Victor> the first is a descriptive word...
<{lana}Victor> instead of "her" feet, make it dainty feet
<{lana}Victor> the second is something to replace you...
<{lana}Victor> such as the girl, the beast, the slave, the animal, the whore, whatever have you
<{lana}Victor> * neko{KRB} slips to dainty feet, brushing raven curls from a heartshaped face, tiny feet carry the girl silently towards Mistress Carita dipping to kissed thighs before Her, amber eyes veiled by cresent moons lowers to rest at slippered feet a sultry voice lifting
<{lana}Victor> see how much more fluid that sounds, with those simple fill-ins?
<{lana}Victor> when you use the same word over and over it begins to look choppy
* neko{KRB}-trng nods
<{lana}Victor> when i first came to online Gor, it would take me days to finish a dance...
yes lana she sees thank you
<{lana}Victor> i would actually sit there and fill in the "her" with different words, and after so long it became second nature
<{lana}Victor> it's difficult, because proper english would not permit the format, but when using actions, it's different
<{lana}Victor> another thing as well... switching between -ing and -ed in a dance or serve
<{lana}Victor> -ing... not good... for some reason, it makes it lose fluidity as well
<{lana}Victor> just like anything, it is almost impossible to NEVER use some of these examples, but once or twice is fine, but every line seeing the same thing looks sloppy
<{lana}Victor> also, using her all the time shows laziness, because you dont take the time to describe yourself more thoroughly

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Why Beg?

* {lana}Victor rises and dusts the slut off, shaking luscious curves about having forgotten exactly what they felt like, emerald orbs glazed with the desire to serve as tiny toes kiss a trail of submission across cool tiles, sinking to a modest kneel at the feet of the Mistress, silken thighs flutter close like butterfly wings, a soft voice rings sweetly from rubied lips...
<{lana}Victor> lana begs to be of some service to you this day Mistress
* {lana}Victor blows a kiss to the lovely Woman and waggles a teeny nose impishly
* Medina asks " why do you wish to beg service from me lana"?
* {lana}Victor melts low as the beast presses a sunkissed cheek to satin slippers, delicate fingers flutter over the soft fabric as raven lashes flutter down over the lush pink of blushed cheeks, a voice sweet as candy glides from crimson flesh
<{lana}Victor> she begs to serve you, Mistress, so that You will be pleased with the girl at Your feet, and that in pleasing You, lana knows her Master will be pleased, and there is nothing more than she desires than to see those lips curl from a task she has completed and He has found pleasing
* {lana}Victor eeps and begs once more, tiny fingers grasp again at the silken slippers, a voice quavers with disappointment at her own mistakes... "she begs mercy for her typos, Mistress, there is no excuse she simply was lazy and did not check her wording, Mistress"
* Medina questions lana further, ...what I may say to your Master concerning you...will effect certain things?
* {lana}Victor nods and nods, lifting slihgtly from her feet to peer towards the lovely face of the veiled Woman... "oh yes Mistress, everything lana done effects her Master, from the words she speaks, to the actions she makes, there is nothing that does not find Master's ear"
* Medina ponders a moment and asks "why not just ask to serve"?
<{lana}Victor> because slave's do not "ask", Free "ask", slaves beg, because a slave should be extremely grateful for the tiniest bit of service they are permitted to offer, to simply ask is to show it's lack of importance to the girl, but to beg, and beg with every inch of her soul, shows that the girl realizes how important it is to be allowed to serve, whether it be from sitting silently to a tossing in the furs, Mistress
* Medina smiles
<{lana}Victor> And there is more to begging than just words, Mistress...
* Medina whispers " show me!"
<{lana}Victor> every movement and every caress of a vessel, or every opening of a door, should be as beautiful as the depths of the servitude within the girl, if she is lazy or simply says "kneels before her and begs" that shows that the slave has better things to do than to serve that Free, so why should they be permitted the honor of serving if she cant even take the time to express through her actions how badly she wishes to do so.
<{lana}Victor> it is more than just being beautiful, your words and actions express to the Free exactly how joyous a girl is in her servitude, no one wishes to be served by a stiff pole, they want joy, happiness, and love of serving to shine through the girl
* {lana}Victor sees she is rambling again and grins up to Mistress as she leans forth a tad and whispers... "how do you wish lana to show You, Mistress?"
* Medina points to lana's Masters furs
<{lana}Victor> yes, Mistress
* {lana}Victor presses tiny fingers to the plush pelts at Mistress' furs and crawls back thrice before whirling around in a billow of auburn locks that caress a voluptuous form, before sinking to a modest kneel once more, not far at all from the Mistress and lowers jade jewels beneath sable lashes, rubied lips part and a voice like song slips from them
<{lana}Victor> Mistress, lana begs to please be allowed the honor of serving you this night
* Medina says quietly... blackwine lana, 1st post
<{lana}Victor> yes, Mistress, and how do you wish it prepared?
* Medina thinks Her usual, 1white, 1 yellow, 1 turn of cream
<{lana}Victor> yes, Mistress, right away
* {lana}Victor rises swiftly and hums softly as she glides to the kitchen, grasping a cup to shine, a trip to the coldroom, a turn of cream added to the blackwine poured gracefully, a spoon of yellow, a spoon of white, for the Mistress' delight, grasped close to the heart of a girl before finding the Lady's furs once more, rubied lips pressed as tiny hands lift with the offering..."blackwine, Mistress"
* {lana}Victor glances to the girl not particularly liking her tone, then smiling to Mistress as tiny fingers fail to falter before her, the heated vessel lifted lovingly to her as she bows low
* Medina reaches out and takes the mug from the girls hand..sips the brew and smiles
* {lana}Victor smiles warmly to neko and glances over a delicate shoulder towards Mistress..."i beg to return to my Master's furs, Mistress, so that He may return"
* Medina nods
<{lana}Victor> thank You, Mistress
* Medina smiles
* {lana}Victor rises and steps back thrice before scurrying to Master's furs and sinking to a brazen kneel of slutty appeal upon them, tiny fingers snake up over His thighs as a kittenish purrr flees rubied lips, thinking of being naughty but only rests a cheek upon His thigh
<{lana}Victor> she wishes you well this night, my Mistress
* {lana}Victor winks